Video: Manufacturing process of a 7-series BMW. This is simply beautiful.

Not many of us have a chance to visit a car factory ever in our lives but that’s why there is Youtube, right. The process of stamping the parts with presses to assembling them together with the oh so precision-made body parts and the workers screwing the bits together with the entire production line on the move is just fantastic.

Then, just imagine this car could run 100,000 km or more easily, turned on and off many times a day, parked in anything from freezing to scorching hot conditions and none of the pieces rattle, none of them come off or even loose.

Watch this video from YouCar. It’s engineering at its best.

Video: Watch an awesome documentary of a Boeing 747-8 being built

Boeing 747-8 is officially the world’s longest passenger aircraft in the world. Manufacturing the plane is a mix of engineering excellence and work of art. Watch this hugely interesting documentary to see how that actually happens.    

AMADA Acute 2510NT Used CNC Punching Machine

AMADA Acute 2510NT Used CNC Punching Machine Year: 2008 WORK AREA: 2500×1250 mm PUNCHING FORCE: 20 ton N. OF TOOL STATIONS: 51 MAX ADMITTED LOAD: 150 Kg X-AXIS TRAVEL: 2500 mm Y-AXIS TRAVEL: 1270 mm CONTROL UNIT: FANUC 180i NOTE: COMPLETE WITH No 10 PUNCHES Location: Italy Click here to see more photos, register and […]

Top 5 things how used machine dealers are losing out on buyers with bad machine listings

It’s not a secret that a lot of used machine dealers’ websites are old and badly maintained, which prevent potential buyers ever finding them. This is a worldwide problem. Most of the machine dealers aren’t showing up on these type of searches and here are top 5 reasons why they are losing out on very […]

Construction equipment companies are getting hammered in China

The declining growth in the Chinese construction industry is showing its impact on the profits of the world’s largest construction equipment manufacturers. Some companies have been able to offset the crunch with healthier sales in the Americas but the quarter ending March 2015 has been a problematic in Asia. Just see how it looks: Caterpillar […]

How to load your excavator on to a truck without any ramps

These guys know how to operate their machines and how to lift their excavators on to a truck without any help. It looks very effortless and yet it’s straight out of a health and safety officer’s nigthmares. First this guy and he just nails it This one’s in Thailand. Not bad either. Then you have […]

Goodway CNC Turning Center

Upcoming CNC and Conventional Machinetool Online Auctions

The auction listings on now feature some very interesting metalworking online auctions with high quality CNC and conventional machinetools so let’s list them up here and give you a little intro on what’s in them. The auctions are listed in the order of closure, the soonest being the first.   CNC Machinetools and Gear […]

Volvo L60G Wheel Loader

Plenty of new earthmoving equipment listings today uploaded on

A bunch of used and unused earthmoving equipment and accessories found their way on to today after we uploaded an inventory of machines from a company in Tuuri, Finland. The new listings include the following: Volvo L60G Wheel Loader (NEW)   Yuchai YC230LC-8 Long Boom Excavator Yuchai YC135-8 Excavator Hitachi EX200 3-5 Excavator Long […]

Why should used machine dealers use content marketing in their sales and marketing strategy?

Content marketing as a buzzword has been around for way too long but nevertheless it is still relevant and something the world of used machine dealers haven’t taken on very actively. In principle content marketing includes all relevant written, videoed, photographed or even spoken material that is distributed mostly online with the aim of gaining […]

Is there a need for a social networking website for machine trade community?

This is a topic that has been bugging me for quite a some time and to which I haven’t found a solution yet. People in the machine trade, especially in the used kind, are very well connected in the real world in their own niche (otherwise they wouldn’t be profitable) but they are notoriously absent […]